I hope you're learning during your yoga class.  To aid you in your journey, check out these internet links & read more. These links include information I've shared in class and take you into deeper insight - which can be transformational!

 I add to this page, so check it occasionally for fresh information.  Newest entry is listed at the top.

Enjoy the journey!  Deb May


January 2020     Feeling Inspired this New Year?  Let's keep it going.

 One of my favorite "go-to Recipes" Stuffed Pepper Soup. Click here for link. 
I vary it - I make the base without meat, or bouillon, then vary each meal I serve it. I make this with vegetarian meatballs, steak, chicken, or meatballs instead of burger, top with Swiss cheese for a Philly Steak version, or Parmesan for Italian or Avocado and tortilla chips for Mexican. Freezes well too. 
FACEBOOK INVITE    I'll be sharing more recipes and wellness tips on my Facebook Page, friend me! (Deb May)

A couple times in January, I will post something that helps me be Healthy, Happy, Well. Facebook gives you the opportunity to Comment, share your ideas, see what others contribute. & for each Facebook comment, I'll add your name to a Drawing for a Free Yoga Class.  ($7.00 - $10.00 value)


Before 2020



Timeless Messages!  Here's a gem  (an hour long video/audio of "Wayne-isms")  Listen to a little bit each day.  Click  Here   


Link to article - Resource for April & May 2013 & beyond!  
Psoas - The only muscle to connect the spine to the legs. It is responsible for holding us upright, and allows us to lift our legs to walk.  The article above is a sprinkling of research that reveals the importance of the psoas to our health, vitality and emotional well-being.


Link to Scott Anderson's Blog - Scroll down for August 27, 2008 entry - Psoas Wake-up  (this is the warm-up we've been doing with long strap or stretchy band.

I spend time each week preparing to teach yoga class. And many times this preparation involves more than yoga practice - - I open myself to be inspired. Recently I shared comments and maybe a video (depending on technology cooperation) from Jason Freeman.

Here's his website   heroicyesproductions.com  Download his FREE Alignment Workbook!  Check out his Blog for archived videos & writings!


A couple of my favorite videos of Jason:

New Years Resolution

Be You . . . Love You

Jason is also on Facebook - - I love his upbeat posts and every Friday - Video of Friday 1 minute of Excitement!

Bedtime Yoga
   Yoga is a natural fit to a calming bedtime routine. Start with a little bit of movement with breath & awareness to work out tension and mind-busyness. Head into somenaturally calming poses. Do the entire routine suggested OR just a few of your favorites. As always, listen to your body, take it easy as needed (especially if you have back issues). Let your focus be on relaxing your body and mind with each breath. Check with your doctor and/or yoga teacher for any personal precautions for your yoga practice.


Standing Sway - softly arms, then a bit more intense - sway through your body, a little more intense, then begin to soften, soften a little more, to barely moving, then stillness.


Child Pose

Legs up the Wall - Relax. Maybe include Supported Shoulderstand at the wall - check with your yoga teacher for any precautions in this.


Supine Twist or Bent Knee Twist

Hip Opening stretch


Bridge pose (emphasis on relaxation, not pushing limits)


Knees to Chest and Rock side to side slowly.  Which will lead you right into Savasana.


Yoga to avoid at bedtime:  Sun Salutations, anything too vigorous, backbends (like Cobra, Bow, Warrior I)

Guided Imagery
   Here's a resource I enjoy for Guided Imagery and Affirmations. Belleruth Naparstek offers Themed CDs to help with a wide variety of Health and Wellness issues. I like the Imagery at bedtime and Affirmations first thing in the morning. There is a Free Download offered at this link.  Click Here 


Energy Pictures
    I shared The Creation Tree picture in class this week, January, 2013 Here is the artist's website  
    Julia Watkins   Explore! Enjoy!  http://www.energyartistjulia.bigcartel.com/products
    She occasionally offers specials - Check with me if you're interested in ordering something. Maybe we can combine an order to get a deal!

Hot Apple-Quinoa Oatmeal
    This is so good! Great warm start to AM - I have some in my Frig - made a batch - I'm looking forward to making Oatmeal Bars (recipe below, scroll down!) from some of the leftovers.

1/2 cup steel cut oats
1/2 cup quinoa
2 Tbsp ground flaxseed
1 organic apple, unpeeled, cored, & chopped (add 2 apples for more flavor!)
1 tsp ground cinnamon
2 cups water
1/4 tsp Sea Salt
2 Tbsp raisins  (add extra for more flavor!)
2 Tbsp dried cherries  (add extra for more flavor!)
2 Tbsp agave nectar or maple syrup
Vanilla, Honey, or Greek Yogurt (optional)
Walnuts, Maple syrup

Boil water. Add oats & quinoa - Stir & soak overnight. In am, add flaxseed, apple, cinnamon, and salt. Stir, boil, then cover and simmer for about 10 minutes  (you may need to add extra water).  Stir in raisins, cherries, agave nectar. Simmer 1 more minute. When you serve this you could top with yogurt and/or add walnuts or maple syrup.


     I honor the place in you in which the entire universe dwells. 
     I honor the place in you which is of love and truth, of light and of peace.
     When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, We are one.


Yoga & Eating – I'm clarifying some Basic Info for Practice.  Please eat something before coming to yoga class, allow time for your food to settle. For some people, it is not wise to do yoga on a completely empty stomach (especially if you have any dizziness/vertigo issues) You might want to try a light portion of protein (like a few crackers with cheese or 1 Tbsp peanut butter; 1 egg and toast; ½ small chicken breast on salad)  Also – you do not want to practice with a full stomach.  Wise to wait  one hour after eating a light snack to practice. Wait 2 hours after a light meal; 3 hours after a meal with meat. Eating right after class is fine. Please talk to me if you have any problems finding an eating plan that works with your yoga schedule and your body’s needs.


Calm Your Adrenal Glands   Because of our BUSY society, the majority of people have some form of stress, putting stress on  adrenal glands.  If you overload your body with too much physical, emotional, and/or psychological stress, your adrenals have to deal with it. Your adrenals also deal with all the stimulation in our lives - news, internet, phone calls, TV, radio, conversations. It is wise to pay attention, to take some quiet time to recover and replenish. 


The adrenal glands are located on top of the kidneys near the spine. They’re about one inch high and two inches wide and weigh only a few grams, yet they have so much impact on our physical, emotional, and psychological health.


The following signs and symptoms could be an indication of adrenal fatigue:

· Trouble sleeping at night but wanting to sleep during the day
· Craving excess salt and sugar
· General lack of love for life
· Feeling overwhelmed and confused
· Depression and anxiety, irritability, feeling overwhelmed
· Blood sugar irregularity
· Lack of concentration
· Respiratory issues
· Low blood pressure
· Aches in sinuses, lower back, and temples
· Recurrent cold or flu
· Unexplained change in body shape


A joyful and productive life is a main desire . . . but if adrenals are drained, the feeling of joy seems out of reach. The adrenals help our body cope with stress, but if they’re not working properly, life can seem quite overwhelming. Your vitality, wellbeing, resiliency, and lust for life depend on the health of your adrenals. VIP to nourish adrenal glands && rediscover and cultivate JOY in your life!

Time is needed to heal . . .Put yourself at the top of your Priority List . . . & Enjoy.


Here are some tips to help keep your adrenals healthy:

· Nourish your mind, body, and soul every day with quality organic foods, thoughts, and breathing.
· Stop reaching for coffee and/or alcohol. They will put more pressure on your   adrenals and drain your body of its natural healing energies. If you’re serious about healing your adrenal glands you should cut out caffeine and alcohol completely until you are healed.
· Ditch the “no pain, no gain” approach to exercise. Do activities that will free up blockages rather than add stress to the body like yoga, swimming, and walking barefoot on sand and grass. Make exercise nourishing for the body, mind, and spirit.
· Limit or cut out refined sugar. If you need to sweeten food, try agave nectar, raw local honey, and stevia.
· Be mindful of what you eat. Chew slowly and visualize being healed by nature.
· Get protein in each meal from foods like broccoli, sprouts, nuts, seeds, hemp protein, and yellow pea protein.
· Take a high quality vitamin C, B complex, vitamin E, and magnesium spread throughout the day.
· Drink Siberian ginseng tea in the morning and passionflower tea before bed. Meditate while drinking and feel the adrenal glands getting soothed.
· Prioritize getting at least eight hours of sleep a night.
· Put ayurvedic rock or sea salt on each of your meals.
· Don’t drink water with your meals, but lots in between meals. Have pure or filtered water with a little bit of rock or sea salt and lime or lemon.
· Create a harmonious living environment. Unhappy relationships, poor diet, stressful work, and overexertion are some of the main causes of adrenal fatigue.


Live with a balance between strength and surrender. Whenever you feel drained and tempted to reach for those “pick me ups,” close your eyes, take deep breaths, and say a little mantra. Something that resonates with me is a verse from the Tao Te Ching:   “I allow my life to unfold naturally. There’s a time for being ahead, there’s a time for being behind. There’s a time for being in motion, there’s a time for being at rest. There’s a time for being vigorous, there’s a time for being exhausted.”  (Personal Note - when you're exhausted, take time to rest!)





Yoga Benefits   

Someone in class mentioned it'd be interesting learning more about the Benefits of Yoga Poses - Here are a few resources.   

Yoga Anatomy, Leslie Kaminoff   (Through detailed anatomical drawings, see how muscles are used in different poses)

Yoga for Wellness, Gary Kraftsow   (Intro chapters group poses & explain benefits. Later chapters provide special sequences for certain health conditions)

Acu-Yoga, Michael Reed Gach   (shows how yoga poses relate to Chinese Medicine - energy meridians, acupressure points, philosophy & more !)

Yoga Journal  (Great info, usually shows more advanced variations of poses - Be aware of your own limitation)   http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/491   (this is a sample - Downward Dog - Key in any pose upper right corner)

Also - Scroll down this Page - I've included notes from a couple "Mini Retreats" I've taught at Shalom - For Immune System & Healthy Back.


A Great Yoga Interview,  featuring Scott Anderson  (He's been a wonderful inspiration for my practice & teaching) http://www.northernspiritradio.org index.asp?command=showinfo&showid=546677402270
Here's a link to his website - http://www.alignmentyoga.com/
Check out his Blog  http://alignmentyoga.blogspot.com/ - nice written pieces, some great audios & videos!

If links don't work, try hilighting, copy, & then paste into your browser line.


By Request, I'm posting the Yoga Sequence, Tea Recipe, & a few notes from the
Immunity Boosting Yoga Mini Retreat     Be Well . . . .

A bit of Info & Inspiration:  Give yourself permission to SLOW Down! To relax, be aware, be mindful. Let go of multi-tasking, the need to ‘get it all done’ & take it easy, Take Care of YOU!         Yoga helps lower stress hormones that compromise the immune system, while also conditioning the lungs and respiratory tract, stimulating the lymphatic system to oust toxins from the body, and bringing oxygenated blood to the various organs to ensure their optimal function. "Yoga is unlike other forms of exercise that focus only on certain parts of the body," Yoga works on everything."      The lymphatic system is a network of tissues and organs and is part of the Immune system. It is made up mainly of lymph vessels, lymph nodes and lymph. Lymph vessels, which are different from blood vessels, carry fluid called lymph throughout your body. Lymph contains white blood cells that defend you against germs. Throughout the vessels are lymph nodes. Along with your spleen, these nodes are where white blood cells fight infection. Your bone marrow and thymus produce the cells in lymph. They are part of the system, too.

Stagnation is the enemy of good health. Ayurveda teaches that Immune System is part of intelligence of the body & moving thru side stretches & twists help to improve circulation & remove stagnation. These types of moves support immune function, lymph flow, & the body’s intelligence. Stimulate immune function with yoga practice – exploring the relationship of breath to movement of the breath thru the body, & using the breath to stimulate lymph system. Practice that is both invigorating & relaxing.

Tea Recipe    Makes 1/2 gallon (measurements are estimates)
Organic Ingredients preferred
3 tea bags of YogiTea, Moroccan Orange Spice
1/8 cup Mulling Spice with extra Cinnamon stick & a few Cloves
2 Tbsp grated Ginger Root
1/4 cup Apple Juice Concentrate
Not quite 1/2 gallon of filtered water

Simmer the mulling spices and grated ginger in filtered water for about 10 minutes. Strain & use the water to steep tea. Add juice concentrate (& extra water if needed to make 1/2 gallon). Add a couple lemon wedges, if desired.

Essential Oils suggested
Organic is recommended
Young Living Oil   Thieves Blend    http://www.youngliving.com/en_US/index.html
Also   Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Clove, Lemon, Oregano, Tea Tree

 Yoga Sequence      Lie down – Point & flex feet - - Knees to Chest – Internal massage
Bent Knee Twist     *     Alternate Toe Touches     *     Constructive Leg Rest with Arm Raises     *     Reclined Butterfly (with hand warm-ups)     *    
Sit with legs in front, slight bend to knees. Reach down to massage toes, feet, & ankles . . . . .don’t have to use a lot of pressure – lighter touch is actually better for lymph flow. . . .  .keep using light touch, massage up the legs, through the hip area, to the belly  (lots of lymph in belly, focus here for a while), sides of ribcage,  up to sternum, through chest, to clavicles, & then lightly tap  (tapping area of thymus – Huge for T Cells, cancer-fighting cells!  &  Immune system in general)         Massage neck, face, massage & tap crown of head      Lie down, breathe, fill results of massage . .  .  the openness in your body, the internal massage of your breath – lower lungs up thru rib cage, chest, & to the thymus – Relax


Supine Crescent Moon     *     Sit with Arms Open – Sun Meditation     *     Shoulder Shrugs & Rolls     *     Cat/Cow     *     Mountain, Ground    * 
Sun Salutations (Movement for lymph system)
The downward dog pose will stimulate your lymph system. It's lymph fluid that carries immune cells throughout the body. D.Dog also encourages blood flow to the sinuses, ultimately helping to ease congestion. These particular types of poses also work to prevent the complications of secondary infections by draining the lungs.
*     Detox move     *     Archer    *     Balance Side Bend/Modified Eagle    *     Head of Cow with strap (open chest, underarm, & hip)     *     Gate     *     Sitting Twist     *    Bow     *     Child - - (lowers immunity attacking stress chemicals, replacing them with feel good endorphins)    *    Stork     *    Dancer    *    Legs up Wall/Shoulderstand


*    Bridge (with Sinus pressure – AcuYoga)     *     Fish (Putting the crown of head onto the floor opens up the chest and brings in more oxygen, circulation) More oxygen gives your immune system more ammunition to fight off the germs.
*     Savasana    Guided Imagery – Immune System  (studies show that the Immune System benefits from Guided Imagery)


Link for Easy to Make Artisan Bread - be creative!   I use regular Red Star Yeast.


Winter Health Tips   Link from Dr Matthew Taylor, LMU Yoga Therapy RX professor, and Rehab. Specialist. and team, share tips for winter health. http://tinyurl.com/24p6gka
His office is based in Arizona, so for many of us, internet advice will have to do!


Oatmeal Muffins


 I brought these to 1 class & everyone asked for the recipe - I love that it's a way to use cooked oatmeal (I use steel-cut oats)  There is very little flour; I use some brown sugar & then more Agave Nectar. So many ways to make these Healthy & Tasty! You can cut down on butter by subbing yogurt (but use some butter for taste). I've never made this actual recipe - have always been creative with it - added pumpkin, applesauce, blueberries - endless possibilities!  Also, I've made them as Bars, rather than muffins.

  • 1 cup flour (I use Organic white, have also used white with some Tapioca flour)
  • 1 cup packed brown sugar   (I use about 1/4 cup brown sugar & 1/4 cup Agave Nectar
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 cup melted butter
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten   (I use LOCAL farm-fresh eggs)
  • 1 cup leftover cooked oatmeal  (I use steel-cut oats. To help the oats be more digestible, I soak the oats - Easy to do. Before going to bed, boil 4 cups of water, add 1 cup of steel-cut oats to boiling water, turn off the heat, stir & cover. In the morning, you'll just need to heat at medium heat for about 10 minutes)
  • 1 cup raisins (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla


Prep Time: 10 mins

Total Time: 28 mins

  1.  In a large bowl, combine flour, brown sugar, baking powder and baking soda.
  2.  In another bowl, mix together melted butter, eggs, oatmeal, raisins and vanilla;.
  3.  Add to dry ingredients and stir just until moistened.
  4. The batter will seem thick, but don't worry. Any time I've added extra liquid the muffins turned out crumbly.
  5. Spoon batter into 12 greased muffin cups.
  6. Bake at 350 degrees for 18 minutes, or until the muffin centers are slightly firm.


Eat Local !

 Everyone is Sharing Cucumbers - A good reminder to Enjoy & Eat Local - Here's some suggestions to use those cucumbers . . .


Cold Cucumber Soup

 Makes 4 servings. Working time 15 minutes. Total time 1 hr. 15 min.

 Place 3 medium cucumbers, peeled and chopped; 3/4 cup thinly sliced green onions; 1 tablespoon lemon juice, plus 1 teaspoon lemon zest; 1 teaspoon sea salt; 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper; and 1 1/2 cups vegetable broth in a blender or food processor and puree. Stir in 1/2 cup sour cream (OR Yogurt) and chill until very, about 1 hour. Serve topped with additional chopped cucumber, green onion, and lemon zest.

 Tzatziki Sauce

8 oz Plain Greek yogurt

1/2 cup diced cucumber

1/4 cup diced red onion

1/8 cup diced green pepper

2 T Olive Oil

1 T lemon juice

1/2 t salt

1/2 t black pepper

1 T chopped fresh dill

3 cloves minced garlic

 Mix together - Chill & Serve

Refreshing Drink  Peeled, Thinly Sliced cucumber, fresh mint, grated ginger, lemon wedges in filtererd water


Yoga for Eyes

 Your eyes are often called the windows to your soul. Always wearing the mask of your emotions, they can often hold a lot of unnecessary tension and stress. Eyes get tired and dry from over use and improper lighting.
The benefits of daily eyes exercises are:

�         Soothes and lubricates tired eyes.

�         Relaxes and tones muscles around the eyes.

�         Strengthens your insights, focus and "visions".

�         Draws attention inward.

A Great Way to take care of your eyes (& your body)  - - GET OUTSIDE!  Look outside, natural light, varying distances, follow movement of nature!


Learn More About Your Eyes




Healthy Back  (My notes from research for Healthy Back Mini Retreat at Shalom)

An estimated 80 - 90 % of American public have some type of back pain. Americans spend an estimated $16 - $50 billion annually in medical expenses and lost work time. (Figures from American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons)

Many medical professionals are recognizing and recommending exercise as a remedy to back pain. They are directing the tide of treatment away from prolonged bed rest toward a healthy and active lifestyle and encourage people be ACTIVE participants in their own care.

I feel that yoga is very effective in relieving back pain. I say this from experience; I became interested in yoga 1 year after being injured in a car accident. Severe back pain restricted me to part-time work and limited my lifestyle. When I started doing yoga my recovery began and continues. As a yoga teacher, I've learned of various studies, researches, techniques - - aimed at proving yoga's relationship to a healthy back. I feel I've learned the healing power of yoga on many levels - physically, mentally, emotionally.

 In General     For a yoga practice to be beneficial for your back - Listen to your body - just do what's comfortable to YOU. Slower is generally better, gradual is faster (for healing), vigorous is self-defeating. "Any pain, LESS gain"  If there is pain, ease up on your pose, or skip that pose.
        Remember that movement (even gentle, low intensity movement)  improves circulation. Circulation can help to ease inflammation - which may be the source of some pain within your body. Quoting a local physical therapist, "Movement is Medicine!"  While you practice yoga, recognize all the ways you move your spine . . . in every direction . . . Movement is Medicine!   
        Pay attention to lengthening your spine, feeling the natural curves of your spine. Let your yoga practice enhance your posture. Really watch that you are not in the "forward head and rounded shoulders" position which is so prevalent in our culture.
        Strong abs help to provide support for your yoga practice. Some movements focus on strengthening abs; feel that strength within your poses.
        The info below focuses on Yoga Benefits for your Back. There are many additional benefits to a yoga practice, including:  help to improve our posture, which reduces stress to muscles and organs of the torso, improving digestion, breathing, and circulation.  Why isn't EVERYONE doing yoga . . . ?
The calm and peace promoted by a yoga practice Relieve Stress, which can be a HUGE factor in relieving back pain (or about any pain). Relieve stress and other problems resolve - sleep improves, less tension holding patterns, clearer thinking, more energy . . . Stress Relief promotes  general well-being.  Why isn't EVERYONE practicing yoga . . . ?

Benefits For Your Back - Asana Groups:
     (Asana - Sanskrit word for a Yoga pose)

Forward Bends - Ease tightness in hamstrings, hips, and low lack. Stretch & strengthen the back portion of the spine, shoulder & pelvic girdles, and legs. Help to strengthen posterior and abdominal muscles and stabilize vertebrae.   Avoid Risks Be aware of the relationship between the lumbar spine and the pelvis. Allow arms and head to follow the lead of the spine.   Asana Examples  Standing Forward bend, Child, Knees to Chest, Forward bend variations of standing postures

Back Bends - Stretch & strengthen the front portion of torso, shoulder & pelvic girdles, and legs. Stretch & strengthen the psoas muscle (binds the legs to the spine); diaphragm and intercostals (breathing muscles).

Tone the spine by stretching it. Strengthen surface and deep muscles of the back.   Avoid Risks Be aware of the curves of the back. Expand chest on inhale, feel core strength and tone on exhale.   Asana Examples  Cobra, Bow, Dancer, Warrior I, Pigeon, Bridge

Twists - Activate the spine, surrounding muscles, and organs. Create rotation through the spine, developing strength and flexibility. Twisting may help to restore balance to structural asymmetry. Helps to release stress held in the spine. Creates space between vertebrae.   Avoid Risks Twist with a lengthened spine. Lengthening and stretching the spine during a twist counters the effect of gravity (gravity compresses the spine). Stay open through the chest.   Asana Examples  Sitting Twist, Supine Twist, Bent Knee Twist, Standing Balance Twist

Side Bends - Alternately stretch and compress deep spinal muscles. Build strength and stability in the muscles of the back, ribs, shoulders, and pelvis.   Avoid Risks Keep hip, knee, and ankle in alignment. When extending an arm in a side bend, keep the arm in line with the torso.   Asana Examples  Side Angle, Gate, Sitting Side Bend, Supine Crescent Moon 

Extension - Lengthen and straighten the spine, creating maximum space between vertebrae, and integrate spinal curves. Lengthening the spine allows us to move deeper in forward bends, back bends, twists, side bends and the practice of these asanas results in a naturally lengthened spine. (Which is why this is such a common cue and focus in our yoga classes)    Spine lengthening helps to improve our posture, which reduces stress to muscles and organs of the torso, improving digestion, breathing, and circulation. (Why isn't EVERYONE doing yoga . . . ?)    Avoid Risks Let your spine lengthen with your breath, avoid forcing the spine with other muscles.   Asana Examples Mountain, Plank, Downward Dog, Butterfly, Basic Sitting

Inversions - Build strength and elasticity in the surface and deep muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues of the spine and rib cage. Strengthen the diaphragm and abdominal muscles and the muscles that connect the shoulder and pelvic girdles to the spine.    Avoid Risks Practice within your capacity - NO strain to neck, shoulders, back.  Sufficiently prepare the body before inversion practice.  Asana Examples  Legs up the Wall, Downward Dog, Standing Forward bend, Shoulderstand & modifications

Balance - Improve the body's overall strength and structural integrity.  Refine the way we hold and move our body weight.  Standing balances build strength in feet, legs, and posture muscles. Arm balances help to strengthen low back, abdomen, pelvis, arms, and shoulders.    Avoid Risks Don't strain or force. Prepare body and mind for the challenge of balance.   Asana Examples Stork, Tree, Tiger, Mountain variations that involve weight distribution


Yoga for Wellness, Gary Kraftsow                            Cool Yoga Tricks, Miriam Austin

Backache:  What Exercises Work?, Dava Sobel and Arthur C. Klein

Internet Links


http://http//alignmentyoga.blogspot.com/search/label/Videos              http://www.yogajournal.com/health/1465





We've started using a LONG strap for Psoas release . . . About anytime I teach & refer to the Psoas someone asks -  "what is the Psoas?"  It amazes me how many anatomy books ignore this vital core muscle that affects our posture, structural balance, muscle integrity, range of motion, strength, flexibility, joint mobility, and organ functioning. (I wasn't aware of it before Yoga . . .) It's one of the largest and thickest muscles of the body. The psoas may cause problems with the back, hips, knees, menstrual difficulties, infertility, and more.


One key reason so many Americans have trouble with the Psoas:  Sitting tightens and shortens the psoas (the strong hip flexor) which may affect how the pelvis rotates and increase the load on the low back. 

(Movement may give you relief - http://www.buffalonews.com/185/story/682937.html#)

Here are some links for more details.





Yoga & Kayaking - what's the connection? I've been asked this a few times since I started teaching & promoting the Yak 'n Yoga in Galena.

   Doing yoga stretches before and after kayaking (or any sport or activity) will enhance your experience. Yoga lubricates your joints, encourages range of motion, activates your core strength that you'll use to help balance in the kayak. Yoga also helps to focus your mind, to enjoy the moment, being in nature, and the feel of your body in motion and balance. Yoga is also a great preventive to soreness that can happen with a new activity. Kayaking helps to build core strength and tone your body (especially arms!), strength that will enhance your yoga practice.

   Interested in giving this a try? Email yaknyoga@gmail.com & I'll put you on an email list to receive occasional notices about upcoming Yak 'n Yoga classes.


Many times to help you be aware of complete breathing, I'll encourage you to focus on the Exhale. Yoga recognizes that the exhale has a special function. The inhale is stimulating, the exhale is relaxing. During your inhalations, you're bringing in energy, exhalations help you to release stress, toxins, and pain. 
   Bring a meditative quality to your yoga practice - focus on the breath. Don't rush - allow. Feel the sensations produced as the lungs, naturally and without interruption, fill and empty themselves. You can start by noticing sensations at the nostrils, chest, or abdomen. As your awareness matures, the attention can be expanded to the body as a whole.
   Benefits:  Concentrating on breathing enables the mind to gather together its scattered energies. The mind becomes steady, clear, and ready to focus. The breath can bring us in a natural, relaxed state of being - to open to healing.


If you've been in class since April 20, 2009, you've heard me mention a workshop I recently attended, taught by Scott Anderson. Here's a link to his website - Check out his Blog - nice written pieces, some great audios & videos too!   http://www.scottandersonyoga.com/


Detox is a common topic discussed during class. Visit this link to learn more, including why Spring is a great seasonal time to detox. Turns out the wonderful bitter greens that are available during this season (think watercress, arugala, dandelion) sweep mucus out of sinuses and intestines. Sprouts fertilize the gut to aid digestion. Leafy greens are great for our lymph system and are blood cleansers. Berries are detoxing antioxidants that complete the spring cleansing process. Eat local produce in season - Nature is wise & amazing!http://life.gaiam.com/gaiam/p/Beginners-Guide-to-Detox.html


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“I really appreciate Deb’s teaching style- concern for the individual. She also provides adjunct wellness info. Love it!!”  JoAnn 


"I love my yoga class with Nancy. Her carefree attitude and calming voice give me reassurance in my yoga journey. I was nervous about starting yoga at age 63, but now I wish I had started years ago. Nancy helps me believe in myself."     Deb Z


"I found your class to be conducted very well. Your voice, directions, and modeling are just superb! Thank you for the session today!"   Lynn


Yoga Benefits

RELEASE tension,
stress & anxiety

ENERGIZE your body

INCREASE flexibility & strength

IMPROVE posture & breathing

EXPERIENCE deeper sleep

CONTROL your weight

DISCOVER balance & harmony

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