What makes Yoga Special?

Yoga unites body, mind and spirit. It is a union of postures, breath and focus. The practice of yoga is deeply meditative, promoting relaxation and inner peace. Yoga encourages focus on breathing, posture and body awareness, all important elements for good health.


To Know Before Your First Class

  • Wear comfortable clothing. Layers are a good idea to easily regulate your body temperature by adding or shedding a layer. Regarding feet – It’s your call – Barefoot or socks. Barefoot is best.
  • Sit close to me if you have hearing difficulties. I may speak softly at times to generate a peaceful mood.
  • Please turn off (or put on vibrate) any sound-producing devices such as pagers, cell phones, beeping watches.
  • Yoga & Eating – For some people, it is not wise to do yoga on a completely empty stomach (especially if you have any dizziness/vertigo issues) You might want to try a light portion of protein (like a few crackers with cheese or 1 Tbsp peanut butter; 1 egg and toast; ½ small chicken breast on salad)  Also – you do not want to practice with a full stomach.  Wise to wait  one hour after eating a light snack to practice. 2 hours for a light meal; 3 hours after a meal with meat. Eating right after class is fine. Please talk to me if you have any problems finding an eating plan that works with your yoga schedule and your body’s needs.
  • Yoga is not a competition! Competitive spirit is encouraged in most sports - Not Yoga! Competition could lead to injury - - don’t do it!


Yoga Class Practice Tips


  • Class consists of Opening Body and Breath awareness, Yoga postures: warm-ups, strengthening, flow, stretch, balance, cool-downs, Ending relaxation. Each is an essential part of the practice. Arrive on time and plan to stay for the entire class. If you must leave early, please leave before the Ending relaxation, not during it. Close your practice with a relaxation on your own.
  • .During class if a posture does not feel right to your body, modify it with a close alternative. Or rest instead of doing posture, if needed – using Mountain pose, Lying down relaxation pose, or a Sitting posture. Honor what is best for YOU! Proceed gently. Be aware of your own flexibility. Practice at your level.
  • For health reasons, it’s a good idea to thoroughly wash your hands before and after class. Best to have your OWN mat & props. I sell quality products, reasonable price. Contact me for more details.
  • Carefully look over your mat & floor around you before sitting down.
  • Please be as “scent-free” as reasonably possible. (This includes essential oils) Some people are very sensitive to fragrances and chemicals and exposures make them ill.  Important in yoga classes where the space is tight and deep breathing is encouraged.
  • Move Slowly but Surely For best results - Practice at a slow, steady pace. Calmly focus on your breath, posture, and movement. Resist temptation to speed up, savor each posture. You’ll enhance awareness, lower the risk of injury, experience relaxation quicker and enable more muscle groups come into action to share the workload.
  • Don’t get out of breath - overall breathing is VIP.
  • There is no gain with negative pain. The goal of Yoga is to overcome suffering.
  • If you rush - ask yourself why you’re in a hurry? Remember why you decided to try Yoga. Renew your motivation. Remember you need to give it time & a fair chance to benefit from sessions. Realize that you’re worth taking this time for yourself!
  • What you learn can be applied anywhere, anytime! It’s a great way to let your body release tension & embrace calm. Yoga helps you cultivate mindfulness, which brings an appreciative quality to your life.


Why Yoga?   The increasing interest in yoga is in response to our growing awareness of the importance of a disciplined, balanced system of exercise in maintaining health. As stress-related health problems become a growing concern for Americans, we look for solutions. Yoga is an effective method to relieve stress and become more relaxed and focused.


Yoga is a journey, a process that helps us become more aware and appreciative of our life. Yoga means union; the practice of yoga helps to unite body, mind, and spirit. As we breath and gently stretch, bend, twist, and work our muscles and organs we loosen knots of built-up tension, unresolved emotions, anything that keeps us from harmony. This brings us to a place of inner peace, which is a wonderful place to be. In this calm, serene state we open ourselves to healing and accept our instinctive wisdom and power.

Take Time for Yourself


Please contact Deb


“I really appreciate Deb’s teaching style- concern for the individual. She also provides adjunct wellness info. Love it!!”  JoAnn 


"I love my yoga class with Nancy. Her carefree attitude and calming voice give me reassurance in my yoga journey. I was nervous about starting yoga at age 63, but now I wish I had started years ago. Nancy helps me believe in myself."     Deb Z


"I found your class to be conducted very well. Your voice, directions, and modeling are just superb! Thank you for the session today!"   Lynn


Yoga Benefits

RELEASE tension,
stress & anxiety

ENERGIZE your body

INCREASE flexibility & strength

IMPROVE posture & breathing

EXPERIENCE deeper sleep

CONTROL your weight

DISCOVER balance & harmony

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