Yoga Mat

1/4" yoga mat to add comfort to your yoga sessions. Nice and cushiony, vivid color selection. Your own mat is required for class. $20.00 each, 74" long

Yoga Strap

10 ft strap with buckle to anchor stretches and deepen your practice. A strap is required for class, 10 ft. length preferred. $10.00

Yoga Foam Block

4 inch foam block - great prop to help you feel grounded & to strengthen. Best use - Supported Bridge Pose . . . . aaahhh! $10.00




The Relieve Stress for Dental Health jpg by Relieve Stress for Dental Health CD info

Relax your jaw. Relax your life. This CD will guide you through basic yoga practices and affirmations to help you release tension from your jaw, neck and shoulders. Kuttler Dental partnered with YogaCare to develop this CD.

Millions of Americans suffer from TMJ, jaw tension and teeth grinding. We offer presentations to educate people about stress relieving techniques that may help. Learn more about our presentations and the CD

Yoga Breathe . . . Experience Life

You're invited to let go of thoughts, worries, demands and feel the stillness you're able to bring to body and mind. This is a great yoga session for beginners or those who appreciate a gentle,
reflective practice. The various tracks allow you to select the length of your practice.

Yoga Transformation

Advance your practice and be open to the changes your yoga practice may bring to your body and your life. Step by step instruction, a blend of challenge and ease.

Yoga By Request

2   35 minute yoga practices on 1 CD. Ideal for busy lifestyles. Special Thanks to the Yoga students who requested a CD with 2 short yoga practices.  GREAT IDEA!

$16.00 each, if ordered and picked up at local class

$17.50 each, includes Shipping & Handling

Eye Pillow

A nice option . . . Enhance your Savasana practice with a great relaxation aid - YogaCare's Eye Pillow. An eye pillow soothes your eyes with gentle weight, its soft pressure relieves tension from the muscles in and around your eyes. As your eyes become relaxed and still, your mind quiets and you
can relax deeper. Use after yoga practice, at bedtime, or any time you want to relax and renew your body, mind and spirit.

Eye Pillow Ingredients:

Lavender, Chamomile, Winter Leaf: Relaxation
Mugwort: Enhances a dreamlike state
Rice & Organic Flaxseed: For weight

Unscented Eye Pillows are available by Request.

Color Choices - Black, Purple, Green

$10.00 each, if ordered and picked up at local class

$12.50 each, includes Shipping & Handling

To Order

please email    Allow 14 day for processing and mailing. Discount available for orders of 5 or more - email<>me for more information!

Yoga products available through Deb May, Dubuque, Iowa


Please contact Deb

Free 1st Class

At Shalom Spirituality Center – New Students Only    Sample first class of any series, if you decide to join series will be prorated.

1st Class Specials available at several other locations - email Deb for details.

"I just wanted to tell you how glad I am that I came back to yoga with you at the Shalom Center.

   I tried another place because it was closer and I thought that would be more convenient.  But I didn’t take into consideration the factors of the setting at the Shalom Center and you as the instructor. 

   When I walked into the Shalom Center I immediately felt the peacefulness flowing around me.  This setting, plus your calm, quiet voice and your choice of music sets the tone for a very relaxing and restorative yoga class.  I like that you work on core strength and balance in a simple way without a lot of extra props to distract me from my focus.

   I also love the artwork in the Shalom Center and the beautiful trees in all their seasonal glory outside the window.  They make a great focal point.  This environment adds an extra dimension to your yoga class."  

    Thanks so much,



Yoga Benefits

RELEASE tension,
stress & anxiety

ENERGIZE your body

INCREASE flexibility & strength

IMPROVE posture & breathing

EXPERIENCE deeper sleep

CONTROL your weight

DISCOVER balance & harmony

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