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Deb May has been a leader in Dubuque’s yoga community for over 18 years with over 10,000 hours teaching experience. Her love of yoga, mindfulness, and nature inspire her teaching and daily life. Deb’s life has been a series of transformations and she motivates people to face changes with courage and light. Her teaching specialty is bringing the yoga experience to various locations, beyond the traditional studio. She enjoys diverse activities including hiking, kayaking, and live music.


YogaCare promotes a gentle, flowing yoga, allowing you to respect your limits and encouraging you to reach your potential.


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Additional YogaCare Teachers

Nancy Thompson    Nancy has been a student of Yoga for over 18 years. Her yoga teachers include Matt Taylor, Deb May, and Julia Theisen. She credits yoga and chiropractic care with keeping her from back surgery and enabling her to continue being active. She has been a student of Native American philosophy for many years and is a member of the Miniss Kitigan Drum. Since retiring from teaching, she enjoys reading, hiking, traveling, volunteering, drumming, storytelling, acting in community theater, taking care of her companion animals, and of course, yoga. 

Mary Janssen    Mary has practiced yoga for over 15 years.


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“Yoga helps me to relax and eliminate stress from teaching. It allows me to center my mind and body. I look forward to class each week.”   Jamie 


"I’m now able to move in ways that I hadn’t moved for years. I feel strong, more limber, and more peaceful. 
& I love it!"   Cinda 


"I love my yoga class with Nancy. Her carefree attitude and calming voice give me reassurance in my yoga journey. I was nervous about starting yoga at age 63, but now I wish I had started years ago. Nancy helps me believe in myself."     Deb Z


"What I have come to appreciate about Deb as a Yoga instructor is her concern for the class members. She begins each class by telling us to do what you are able. I find I am more flexible, I have better balance, and I am finding that areas of my body are toning since I started Yoga. I encourage anyone who is even considering starting a Yoga class with Deb May to give it a try.   You will be surprised at how you feel and what you can do that you never thought possible."  Judy



Yoga Benefits

RELEASE tension,
stress & anxiety

ENERGIZE your body

INCREASE flexibility & strength

IMPROVE posture & breathing

EXPERIENCE deeper sleep

CONTROL your weight

DISCOVER balance & harmony

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