Summer 2020
I am currently just offering Yoga Classes at the Arboretum. I am in contact with other venues, and hope to resume Yoga classes at all locations.
If you are interested in receiving an email when classes are scheduled or to receive a Yoga Practice via email, Please email
Due to COVID-19  Business Details
ANY Yoga Classes offered will comply with Safety Regulations, per the most current Proclamaion.
Punch card expiration dates will be extended.
Please keep your punch card with your yoga gear or in a safe place.
Keep Practicing Yoga! We all need any peace and comfort we can find. Yoga can help to improve your Immune System & Relieve Stress.


COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Precautions implemented at Arboretum Yoga Class. May be adapted at different venues.
Please help keep yourself and our community healthy & safe!

A few precautions, pretty standard with the COVID-19 situation
Please refrain from Group Yoga Class if:

You're experiencing any of these symptoms: Cold/flu symptoms, fever, sustained cough, lack of taste and smell. 
You have been in extended close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID 19 (within the last 2 weeks).


Safety for Yoga Class:

Please bring your own mat, and props. 
Face mask - I respectfully request you to wear mask before and after class, while you talk to others. Face mask not required during yoga practice. Your choice to wear (or not wear) mask during Yoga practice.

General Advice:

Wear a face mask when in public areas with close contact to others.

Practice distancing, 6 foot from others. Socially Connect, Physically Distance.

Wash your hands after being out in public areas.

Sanitize surfaces and electronics when you feel it's necessary.

Be aware, informed of activity risks, stay within your comfort zone, and take precautions.   

If you travel to an area of high risk, please limit your contact with others for 2 weeks.

If you do become ill, please contact those that you have been in close contact with in the last 2 weeks.


Public Classes

Business Classes

Retreats and Adventures

Deb May offers yoga classes at various locations in the Dubuque, Iowa area. Yoga helps you relieve stress and build strength and flexibility. Most classes are beginner-friendly, yet also offer poses for challenge, with everyone practicing at their own level.

YogaCare promotes a gentle, flowing yoga, allowing you to respect your limits and encouraging you to reach your potential. Discover the flow, light, and grace of Yoga . . . the flow, light, and grace of yourself.



Please contact Deb

Free 1st Class

At Shalom Spirituality Center – New Students Only    Sample first class of any series, if you decide to join series will be prorated.

1st Class Specials available at several other locations - email Deb for details.

“Yoga helps me to relax and eliminate stress from teaching. It allows me to center my mind and body. I look forward to class each week.”   Jamie 


"I’m now able to move in ways that I hadn’t moved for years. I feel strong, more limber, and more peaceful. 
& I love it!"   Cinda 


"I love my yoga class with Nancy. Her carefree attitude and calming voice give me reassurance in my yoga journey. I was nervous about starting yoga at age 63, but now I wish I had started years ago. Nancy helps me believe in myself."     Deb Z


"What I have come to appreciate about Deb as a Yoga instructor is her concern for the class members. She begins each class by telling us to do what you are able. I find I am more flexible, I have better balance, and I am finding that areas of my body are toning since I started Yoga. I encourage anyone who is even considering starting a Yoga class with Deb May to give it a try.   You will be surprised at how you feel and what you can do that you never thought possible."  Judy



Yoga Benefits

RELEASE tension,
stress & anxiety

ENERGIZE your body

INCREASE flexibility & strength

IMPROVE posture & breathing

EXPERIENCE deeper sleep

CONTROL your weight

DISCOVER balance & harmony

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